5 axis capabilities that drive economical solutions

Capital’s Mazak FabriGear 3D Tube Laser cutting system can be a real game changer when compared to more traditional manufacturing methods. Laser tube cutting has brought significant process and economic benefits to the fabrication and assembly of mechanical tubing, pipe and structural shapes with a wide range of applications. These benefits are found in three primary areas:

• Improvements in productivity. Our Laser consolidates many operations into one continuous cutting process which can then eliminate many manual operations such as sawing, drilling, punching, burning and machining.

• Reductions in downstream assembly costs. The Laser provides tighter fabrication tolerances; beveling capabilities to minimize weld prep; slot and tab profiling facilitates piece part fit up and reduced assembly fixturing.

• Added degrees of design freedom. The high efficiency of the process and its broad flexibility allow product designers to easily accomplish what would otherwise be economically prohibitive.

Capital can cut precision features into full lengths of tube or shapes and / or cut precision parts out of the tubing or shapes. The laser can cut Carbon and Stainless Steel, as well as Aluminum.