Cutting edge laser and plasma profiling

Capital’s state of the art profiling centers provide high quality fiber and CO2 laser and high definition plasma cutting services. The breadth of our cutting and profiling centers within a single source is unique to job shop fabricators.

Our inventory includes five, 2 axis flatbed lasers with 4-6,000 watts of power and a maximum cutting table size of 98” x 312”. We employ 2 fully automated laser cells that deliver raw material from 10 shelf material storage elevators to the cutting center for processing and from the cutting center when the profiling is complete, all without the touch of human hands. Our 260 AMP, dual torch, high definition plasma machine is equipped with a bevel cutting rotary head and  bed capacity of 12 x 48 feet. Our 4Kw tube laser center cuts up to 12” diameter and 26 foot long sections. We typically process ferrous and nonferrous metals to ¾” thickness and tubing wall thickness to ½”.